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Re-motivated to write blogs


I used to keep a daily-to-weekly blog in high school and lower undergrad time. The primary motivation is self-discussion. After that period in life, I solved (or was no longer interested in) many questions) so I turned silent. Now I am a later-stage Ph.D. student. I usually have informal writings on daily thoughts. I have been collecting enough motivations, to put these in a blog.

Matt Might’s 6 blog tips for busy academics is an excellent argument and guide. If you declare no time for blogging while you do any of these things, write a post instead:

He gives do-and-don’t tips. In my word:

I once read a blog Do things, tell people. on hackernews. The idea is so simple that you may even ignore the content. There are a few posts on the similar topics but I cannot find them right now (but so what?)

Re-motivated to write blogs